A course, which examines how time is used at work and identifies good practice to get your role under control!


To enable delegates to identify “lost” time at work and to plan and prioritise tasks to make best use of time and enhance productivity.

“I can’t wait to get back to work to try out the techniques – thank you”

Tony White – Manager PTW LTD


By the end of the course, delegates will:

  • Recognise the key result areas in their role
  • Be able to prioritise according to importance and urgency
  • Challenge their own attitudes and behaviours with regard to time to eliminate “time thieves” and bad habits
  • Have learned 10 ways to be more effective at work
  • Be able to plan work tasks ahead with regard to priorities for themselves and their team
  • Know how to say “no” in the right way where appropriate and discourage others from stealing their time.

Course Cost

£285.00 plus VAT. Duration 1 day.
Held at Challenge Training and Conference Centre

Upcoming Course Dates

  • Friday 19th July, 2024
  • Friday 13th December, 2024

Please contact us for availability.


Time Management Brochure