Change is inevitable yet challenging for all those involved. This course will help guide managers on what to expect from individuals and teams during times of change, and how best to handle the emotions and reactions which will inevitably surface.


To provide managers and supervisors with a range of tools to spot, and deal, with different reactions to the process of change enabling positive outcomes for all.

“The course was interesting and helpful – I am going back to work with some ideas on how to make the team positive again”

Tony Peat, Public Sector Manager


By the end of the course, delegates will:

  • Be familiar with the different stages in the change process and the range of psychological and emotional reactions which each brings.
  • Have considered different approaches to dealing with individuals and teams in terms of when and how to communicate information for positive results.
  • Have improved their listening skills
  • Be able to use a range of techniques effectively to empathise with others whilst creating a positive “can do” attitude.
  • Recognise their own reactions and trigger points during the changes, and have learned ways to manage them effectively

Course Cost

£285.00 plus VAT. Duration 1 day.
Held at Challenge Training and Conference Centre

Upcoming Course Dates

  • Monday 7th October, 2024

Please contact us for availability.


Planning and managing change – Brochure