The course is for any manager or individual who comes into conflict situations with others, or is required to diffuse difficult situations.


To enable participants to explore their own behaviour and to rationalise the behaviour in others. Often individuals are not in themselves “difficult”, it is the situation that presents itself that leads to this. This course will provide practical ways to maintain positive relationships and to avoid hostile situations which could escalate.

“Great course, would recommend to all. Lovely rural setting”

Alison May Marketing Advisor


By the end of the course, delegates will:

  • Understand the range of “difficult” behaviours displayed by others and recognise their own triggers and reactions to each.
  • Have learned techniques to rationalise behaviours in themselves and others and to clarify end goals.
  • Be able to plan their approach and employ techniques to allow consideration on both sides without losing ground.
  • Understand how difficult situations escalate into conflict and how this can be managed to maintain positive relationships.

Course Cost

£285.00 plus VAT. Duration 1 day.
Held at Challenge Training and Conference Centre

Upcoming Course Dates

  • Friday 27th September, 2024

Please contact us for availability.


Handling Difficult Situations & People Brochure