For new or existing team leaders or supervisors seeking a working knowledge of good practice techniques in managing and getting the best from staff.


To provide an opportunity for delegates to consider the key areas of good management practice and to identify areas to develop themselves to enhance performance of themselves and their team.

“A well rounded course that covers all areas of people management. Made to feel at ease from the moment I got there.” – Nigel Stevens, DC Team Leader


By the end of the course, delegates will:

  • Recognise the range of knowledge, skills and behaviours required to supervise staff rather than work alongside them
  • Understand the scope of their role including duty of care and the need to lead by example including fairness and integrity
  • Have considered their leadership style and recognise when to support and challenge staff, especially during times of change
  • Have learned techniques to communicate more effectively to teams and individuals including the importance of giving and receiving feedback, and handling conflict.
  • Know how to set objectives for performance with teams and individuals and how to effectively allocate and delegate work
  • Have learned techniques to increase motivation in teams and individuals
  • Know when and how to provide recognition for good work, and be more confident to tackle issues in the right way to create improved performance and to clarify expectations
  • Know what to record, when and how and when to instigate formal procedures

Course Cost

£525.00 plus VAT. Duration 2 days.
Held at Challenge Training and Conference Centre

Upcoming Course Dates

  • Tuesday 25th June and Wednesday 26th June, 2024
  • Tuesday 3rd December and Wednesday 4th December, 2024

Please contact us for availability.


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