Supervisory skills are very different from those required to perform well in a team member role.  This course is for those who are promoted from within; from a team member to a team leader/supervisor; either new to the role of supervisor, or simply struggling to manage the team since being promoted/    It will help delegates to make the shift to supervisor in the right way to maintain good relationships, whilst equipping them to manage difficult conversations and get the best from the team and individuals.


Designed to provide delegates with a range of  tools and techniques to establish and maintain authority within the supervisory role whilst maintaining good relationships with those you manage, making it easier to clarify expectations and manage performance.

“Very informative, well explained and presented”

Balfour Beatty Rail Employee


By the end of the course, delegates will:

  • Understanding the full scope of the role of supervisor/team leader.
  • Recognising what the company/team/customer expects of the supervisor, and recognising the suitability of the current relationship with their staff members.
  • Recognising the differences between authority, responsibility, & being accountable.
  • Personal brand as a supervisor – what it is and why it matters.
  • Understanding your own leadership style and when and how to adapt this to assert authority in the right way.
  • Setting and communicating expectations; consistency and how to avoid claims of favouritism and being drawn into conflicts and inappropriate situations.
  • How to set and communicate clear goals for teams and individuals and the importance of feedback.
  • Techniques to approach “difficult” conversations with staff in the right way.

Course Cost

£285.00 plus VAT. Duration 1 day.
Held at Challenge Training and Conference Centre

Upcoming Course Dates

  • Tuesday 1st October, 2024
  • Thursday 6th February, 2025
  • Thursday 1st May, 2025
  • Wednesday 1st October, 2025

Please contact us for availability.


From Friend to Supervisor – Establishing Authority – Brochure