What’s Available :

Here at Challenge, we recognise that managers and staff in businesses need the correct tools to do their job, and whilst we focus on soft skills with our own trainers, we work closely with a trust partner to provide the skills and knowledge you need to work efficiently and confidently on Microsoft Systems.  Most things these days involve software of some kind, and managers and staff need to be able to collaborate, produce and share documents, and present in a professional way.

There are a number of courses on offer, around different IT software packages to ensure participants keep up to date with technology and software fit for purpose. The following courses can be delivered in-company via online or face to face delivery; or on a one to one basis where the content can be tailored around your needs.  Alternatively delegates can attend one of our scheduled open training courses held both virtually, or face to face (Covid restrictions permitted) here at our training centre.

Who will deliver the training?

We will take time to establish your requirements to ensure the best fit and solution for your needs.  Our aim is to drive up productivity and efficiency in your organisation, by enabling good practice in both managing work streams, and by using the latest software and technologies effectively.   We will select the best fit from our team of highly skilled management trainers, and our specialist IT consultants.

Microsoft Teams Training (for your Team or Business)

  • An Introduction to teams Communicate, stay in touch and increase efficiency

  • Collaborating in Teams – Work and collaborate, together or individually for great results in Teams

  • Microsoft Team meetings – How to run productive, engaging, and fun Microsoft Team Meetings

  • Supercharging Microsoft Teams –  You now want to take your use of Teams to the next level

Microsoft Word Training

  • Word for Beginners – How to use it’s key features including formatting, layout, templates, tables etc.

  • Word Advanced – Word for those who need to build upon the basics of Word, and to make full use of its full range of features such as macros, forms, indexing, and compatibility with other MS packages.  

PowerPoint Training

  • PowerPoint for Beginners – How to create presentations, working with master slides/ formatting and transitions/effects.

  • PowerPoint Advanced (For those with a basic knowledge of Powerpoint).   Learn the power of Powerpoint: embedding videos, moving images, commentary and the more sophisticated aspects of the package to make your presentations stand out from the crowd.

Course Dates :  

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