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Overview and who should attend

A 9 day programme delivered in 9 x 1 day sessions spaced 3 to 4 weeks apart.  Combination of fully interactive, tutor led online training and traditional face to face at our purpose designed training centre in Nottinghamshire.

This is a prestigious qualification for middle and aspiring middle managers. Participants should be operational managers with responsibilities for managing resources and/or teams of individuals within the scope of their role.  Delegates are required to identify an opportunity for improvement in the organisation; research and analyse options and create an implementation plan for the business.  Our client businesses tell us that this alone often pays many times over the for the course fee.

Course Dates and Flyer

April 2024

September 2024



  • To equip participants with the knowledge, understanding and practical skills to become more effective in their current role.
  • To provide confidence and competence to progress within a leadership role.


This is a 9 session course spread over approximately 5 months. This will consist of a combination of fully tutor led virtual training and traditional face to face training (with full social distancing) to ensure a comfortable, safe and highly interactive learning environment.

  • Day 1 – The role of the Manager; mission, vision and values; understanding organisational context; stakeholder relationships and creating an inclusive culture
  • Day 2 – Leadership styles and emotional intelligence
  • Day 3 – Enhancing performance of teams and individuals
  • Day 4 – Analysing data and presenting information; influencing & professional presentation skills
  • Day 5 – Tutorial/assessed presentations & assessing our own strengths/areas for improvement.
  • Day 6 – Planning and Managing Innovation & Improvement projects
  • Day 7 – Implementing and monitoring projects, & managing/communicating at times of change.
  • Day 8 – Supporting individual development & managing performance
  • Day 9 – Continuing Professional Development & professional discussions on improvement project


  • 1 x Work based improvement project
  • 1 x reflective review based on leadership performance and an assessed presentation.


The course commences on

  • Thursday 18th April, 2024
  • Thursday 26th September, 2024

Please see full dates on course flyers above.

Venue and Fees

Venue : Challenge Consulting,Nottingham NG14 6EH

Cost per delegate £1,695 + VAT fully inclusive of registration fees, tutorial support between sessions and marking.

Full Course Overview

ILM LEVEL5 Certificate Content


What is the ILM?

By completing this programme you can be sure you will be gaining a recognised and prestigious qualification through a well known and respected awarding body. The ILM is Europe’s largest independent leadership and management awarding body with more than 85,000 candidate registrations each year. ILM is also a leading professional membership body with a growing membership of more than 22,000 practising managers.

Why complete the programme through Challenge Consulting?

Challenge Consulting are one of the oldest established ILM centres with a proven track record of delivering excellent programmes. For this reason the Challenge Consulting has been awarded “direct claim” status by the ILM, which allows assessment decisions to be made immediately by the assessors, due to their commitment to quality of delivery and ability to make programmes applicable and relevant to attendees.  We have been the largest provider for ILM qualifications in the East Midlands since 2012, registering more students each year than any other ILM Centre, due to our loyal client base who expect (and receive) excellence in delivery..

Programme delivery

Challenge Consulting have an ethos of tailoring delivery to participants in order that they can directly apply what they have learned within their work. Group sizes are kept to a maximum of 12, with usual group size being between 6 and 10 to allow participants opportunities to discuss topical issues and to create action plans and explore techniques and strategies within the sessions.