Executive Coaching / Mentoring

All too often being a manager can feel like a very lonely place. In such challenging times, it is sometimes difficult to remain objective, or to obtain the support and development they need to improve their performance, and that of their teams.

We are able to offer a coaching package – tailored to each individual’s requirements and with a range of business coaches to meet your needs. Confidentiality is assured.

Costs are surprisingly reasonable – at £125 + VAT per hour. A typical package to include a face to face coaching session and telephone follow up would be £400 + VAT, albeit more session may be accessed if required.

Please contact us and we will be pleased to discuss how we can help, to include a free, no obligation initial session.

Performance Enhancement Coaching

On occasion, an individual may have very specific requirements, and in these circumstances, a traditional training approach may not be suitable. We are able to arrange coaching sessions in these circumstances to identify the challenges faced by the individuals and to help them to consider ways to improve. An integral part of the session would be self-reflection and formation of a measurable action plan. Typical costs, including a telephone diagnostic prior to the session would be £395 + VAT for a half day session.