One to One Executive/Performance Coaching/Mentoring

  • Sometimes individuals need a swift and effective intervention tailored just for them.
    At Challenge we listen carefully to the need and establish what the blockers are and the best approach to help.  We take time to match the coach to the individual and establish clear goals and boundaries to ensure that there is the right balance of challenge and support to really drive performance and gain results.
  • As specialists we know there is a fundamental difference between coaching and mentoring and we will employ each at the right time and in agreement with the coachee/mentee to ensure their individual goals are reached.
  • We offer a no obligation initial discussion so you can establish if we have the right approach and experience to meet your needs.  More information

Business Consultancy

  • If you feel your business isn’t reaching it’s full potential for growth, or facing challenging times and you need a helping hand to find practical solutions we can help.
  • Often those closest to the business may benefit from an outside point of view, whether it be to ask the right questions or to bring together the senior team and help navigate a shared understanding of the vision and way forward for the business.   We are conversant with a broad range of sectors, and specialise in assisting SMEs (smaller businesses and those with up to 250 employees).
  • Our experience and contacts in the business arena means we are often able to signpost to agencies with additional expertise, support and funding.   Our approach will always be one of both challenge and support to help you to find the answers and solutions which are right for your business.  This may be by reviewing strategies, processes and procedures, or facilitating senior management workshops to identify blockers to progress and create tangible timescaled steps to create your desired results.
  • We are also quick to say if we don’t feel that we are the right people to help and will signpost to others who may be.    For a no obligation, confidential discussion   Contact Us

Strategic Planning Workshops

  • Need a facilitator to work with your Directors or Board to help to shape and define the Vision, Mission and Values of the organisation; or create a clear plan and focus for how to turn your strategy into reality? We employ a range of proven tools and techniques to help generate, explore and refine ideas to ensure best use of time and a clear and lucid plan to drive performance in what ever direction you choose.  Contact Us

Train the Trainer and In-company training course design for delivery by your own staff

  • If you have a need to cascade training through your organisation and the capacity for your own staff to deliver it, we can help.   We can design training packs; integrate your own information; create slide packs and exercises; lesson plans; and create a programme to train your staff so that they can deliver the training effectively to groups within the organisation.   We offer a free, no obligation initial meeting, after which we would put together a fully costed proposal for your consideration.   Contact Us for more information.

Psychometric Tools

  • We are licensed and accredited DISC Practitioners offering clients online questionnaires taking between 8 and 10 minutes to complete and offering a host of information on preferences and behaviours which can be used to create strategies on how to make the most of an individual’s natural style and become more effective at work.  Download a sample DISC Report
    Our questionnaires provide comprehensive feedback, and can also be used effectively to help with team development and to encourage more effective and efficient working in teams, providing solutions on how best approach situations with others for enhanced performance.
  • We also have access to a specially designed Leadership version which includes feedback also on how the preferences and behaviours play out in a Leadership situation. Download a sample Leadership Report

Team Development and Conflict Resolution

  • Having issues and challenges within the team?  Why not contact us for a no obligation quotation.  We can design an intervention which will bring the team together and ensure they are working productively and focusing their attention on excelling at their job roles and delighting customers. We may use DISC profiling where appropriate to create a common language, and “team maps” are available showing preferences in the collective team profiles (see .
    Every situation is different so why not Contact Us for a confidential, exploratory meeting, after which we will put together a no obligation proposal and quotation for your consideration

Small Business Booster (Peer to Peer Support group)

  • Are you a small business owner in Nottinghamshire or Derbyshire who would benefit from exchanging ideas in a safe and welcoming environment, where no one is trying to sell you anything? If so this is for youWe are bringing together small business owners, who employ four people or less, to form Peer to peer support groups, which are fully funded.  More Information and dates : Small Business Booster Peer to Peer Network