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Construction Supervisor Training – Costs reclaimable from CITB

Challenge are pleased to announce that training courses can now be tailored to the needs of Construction businesses and fully or partly funded through the grant reclaim facility from CITB. Various amounts are available for CITB standards, the details of which can be found here : CITB grant amounts and topics

Our most requested topic for site supervisors is around understanding the full scope of the role on site including well-being of staff, managing resources, and establishing and maintaining authority. This would for example fit well within the CITB standard “Developing the Role of the Team Leader” and attract a reclaim of a £140 per delegate grant, fully funding or heavily subsidising an in-company programme for a group of delegates. Course durations can vary from one day, to longer programmes which include a broader range of topics such as team briefing, problem solving, lean in construction, innovation & change, team briefing skills and a host of other topics. We can also offer ILM qualifications including the CITB Level 3 Construction & Built Environment Award – more information which attracts a grant of £600 per learner for the Award, and £600 for the Certificate, making £1200 available in total per delegate.

Please contact us for further details.


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