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An exciting few weeks at Challenge – new clients, new topics, and fun along the way

The last few weeks at Challenge have been exciting and rewarding.  We’ve worked with some fantastic companies, all of whom are investing time and money into their employees and are committed to developing and retaining their talent in the fields of Leadership & Management.  These include Center Parcs, Nottingham Trent University, Rushcliffe Borough Council, Fujichem Sonneborn, Scaglia Indeva, and Carter Brown Experts.    These programmes have all been tailored and delivered over a number of days to enable the skills and knowledge gained to be tried and applied at work.   Topics around getting the best from staff, managing performance and discipline, driving up productivity and efficiencies and developing a coaching culture and style of leadership.

We love working with such a diverse range of companies and learning about their organisations – there’s never a dull moment.

We’ve also designed and delivered a new programme based around Lone Working for the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce, with the acronymn and play on words “don’t be the only one on the………PLANET to signpost the areas to consider.

We’re also continuing to work extensively with Balfour Beatty within the construction sector delivering programmes to both their site supervisors and site and operations managers (a different level of programme for each), both with an emphasis on managing remote teams and behavioural safety


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