We recognise that some learners who have a permanent or temporary disability, specific learning need or medical condition may need additional support to enable them to complete their course.

The flexible nature of ILM’s qualifications and programmes means that reasonable adjustments can normally be made.  In considering such adjustments we will satisfy the compliance obligations of the ILM Reasonable Adjustment Policy which states that adjustments:

  1. Must not make the assessment easier
  2. Must not give the learner an unfair advantage
  3. Must be based on the individual needs of the learner
  4. Must be auditable, and capable of being internally and externally quality assured
  5. Should preferably reflect the learner’s normal way of working
  6. Should give a realistic indication to a potential employer of what the holder of the certificate can do.

The ILM Policy further states that reasonable adjustments may involve:

  • Changing standard assessment arrangements, e.g. allowing learners extra time to complete the assessment where centres give a deadline
  • Adapting assessment materials, e.g. providing materials in Braille
  • Providing facilitators during assessment, e.g. a sign language interpreter or a reader.
  • Access arrangements or use of a separate room
  • Providing extra support or aids
  • Case of word processing or other assistive technology
  • Adapting assessment methods where appropriate.


  1. The Centre Manager, Dawn Edwards, will be responsible for all aspects of this procedure.
  2. Students will be asked during their course induction (usually the first morning of the course) to complete an ILM Registration Form, which asks if they have any special needs.
  3. Students who choose to disclose a special need will be contacted in confidence, either during the induction session or shortly afterwards, to discuss the nature of their special needs and any reasonable adjustments they require.
  4. Where the student is sponsored by their employer, discussions will also be held with the employer to establish what support or adjustments are provided to the individual to enable them to fulfil theirnormal working role.
  5. The Centre Manager will determine, in consultation with the individual, and their employer (where sponsored) which, if any, reasonable adjustments may be required to enable the individual to be assessed fairly and reasonably, while ensuring parity with other students.
  6. The Centre Manager has discretion to allow:
    • The use of a signer, reader or writer
    • Allowing extra time to complete assignments
    • Using coloured overlays, mechanical or electronic aids
    • Assessment documentation with large print, Braille or similar.
  7. Any requested adjustments that fall outside those listed in (6) above will be referred by the Centre Manager, by e-mail, to the Assessment Hub at mailto:ilmassessment@i-l-m.comfor approval.
  8. Such referrals for approval shall include:
    • Which qualification / programme and which assessment
    • Centre assessment of the learner need
    • Reason for the application and why the standard assessment instrument is inappropriate
    • The proposed adjustment and the rationale for using it.