Our commitment to you

When collecting personal data from data subjects, we will ensure that all subjects are aware of what will be collected and how it will be used.

We comply with all aspects and requirements laid down by the Information Commissioners Office (the Data Protection Registration Department).  Our registration number is Z8339591.


Data refers to information about an individual (referred to as a “data subject”) that may be used or processed by ILM (referred to as a “data controller”) in order to carry out its function as provider of leadership, management and coaching qualifications.

There are two categories of data:

Personal Data

Personal data is data that relates to a living individual (data subject) who can be identified from those data or other information which is already in the possession of or is likely to come into the possession of the data controller. It also includes any expression of opinion about the data subject and any indications of the intentions of the data controller that can be held electronically or in a hard copy in respect of the individual.

Sensitive Personal Data

This is data that relates to a data subjects racial or ethnic origin, political opinion, religious belief or beliefs of a similar nature, trade union membership, physical or mental health or condition, sexual life, the commission or alleged commission of any offence, criminal proceedings or the sentence of any court/convictions.

Storage and Review of Data

Personal Data and Sensitive Personal Data we hold will be reviewed at least once per quarter to ensure it is accurate and up to date by the appointed Data Controller.

Any individual or organisation has the right to opt out or refuse processing of their Personal or Sensitive Personal Data and notification to delete such information should be forwarded to us in writing.  We will advise of any limits to the services we can offer where an individual or an organisation refuses processing of Personal or Sensitive information.

Information is stored electronically on a secure server with access only by authorised personnel.   Hard copy personal data and sensitive personal data is stored within a locked cupboard, also accessible only to authorised personnel from Challenge Consulting.

Right to be forgotten

At any time individuals may request to be erased from our records – such requests should be received in writing and will be actioned within 14 days.

Data Protection Notice – Learners

 We, Challenge Consulting, are required to comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 (the Act) and GDPR of 2018 in relation to how we handle any personal data we obtain from youand have an appointed Data Protection Officer who ensures that any data processed is done so in line with the law.  We collect personal information from you and may receive information about you from your employer, previous or current academic or accreditation institutions, organisations administering funding for learning, or the Learning Records Service.   This information will only be used in the context of your studies with us.  We may also collect sensitive personal data relating to you, but only with your explicit consent in advance.

We hold this personal data to:

  • Support your learning;
  • Monitor and report on your progress;
  • Provide appropriate pastoral care, and
  • Assess our own performance for regulatory and continuous improvement purposes

Information about you that we hold includes your contact details, assessment results, attendance informationand personal characteristics such as your ethnic group, any special educational needs you may have and relevant medical information. The Learning Records Service will give us your unique learner number (ULN) and may also give us details about your learning or qualifications.

 We may also share information collected about you with your employer (if you are sponsored by them), organisations administering funding for learning, and any relevant academic or accrediting organisations related to your study and any qualifications you are undertaking.

We, academic or accrediting organisations to whom we pass your data may use the data for the following purposes :

  • to identify a living individual (‘personal data’)
  • to undertake administration in relation to the qualification for which you are registered including providing to you a certificate on successful completion of a qualification or specified units of it
  • to contact you directly in relation to your studies, studying membership, centre approval or qualification approval and/or quality control purposes undertaken for the qualifications for which you are registered;
  • to inform you of products or services offered
  • to disclose to regulators where so required; and to disclose to relevant industry bodies where so required by law to;

account for learners where there is a requirement to do so; and

contact a learner directly if there is a requirement for such bodies and the information is not readily accessible by other means.

  • to administer requests for reasonable adjustments under the Access of Assessment policy
  • to carry out statistical analysis (on an anonymised basis) which may be carried out by ILM, City & Guilds or selected third parties
  • to monitor (on an anonymised basis) equal opportunities relating to ethnicity or disability or other such monitoring purposes.

You also have the right to ask for a copy of the information we hold in our records, in
return for a small fee of not more than £10. Please contact us at 0115 9551995 or at data@challengeconsulting.co.uk if you want a copy of the personal data we hold about you.  We will supply this within 30 days of the date of the request.

Data Protection Notice – Organisations conducting business with us.

We, Challenge Consulting, are required to comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 (the Act) and GDPR of 2018 in relation to how we handle any personal data we obtain from you. Any personal information we gather about your organisation, or employees will only be used in the context of business we conduct with you and in accordance with the law.

We may process all the information we obtain from you to enable us to fulfil our contractual obligations to you and we may request further information from third parties or disclose your details to other selected third parties, such as ILM, City & Guilds or their regulators or industry bodies.

We may from time to time email or post to you or your company details of products or courses we believe may be of interest to you. If you no longer require such information or you have provided us with any information that you no longer wish us to use, please inform us via email to Dawn@challengeconsulting.co.uk.

In disclosing personal details to us, about you, your organisation, or your employees, you agree that we may process and in particular may disclose such data.

  • As required by law to any third parties;
  • To selected third parties who may process data on our behalf providing you (or in the case of individuals) have given their express consent.
  • To third parties such as ILM who may use personal data or sensitive personal data (as appropriate) to:
  1. enable us to fulfil our contractual obligations to you – for example by providing you with an examination certificate or updates on your learners;
  2. contact you directly about events, courses, programmes, or ILM membership;
  3. carry out statistical analysis;
  4. pass to their regulator or industry bodies to (1) monitor equal opportunities relating to ethnicity or disability, or for other such monitoring purposes or to (2) account for learners where there is a requirement to do so, or to (3) meet their requirement to contact you directly and the information is not readily accessible from any other source;
  5. Disclose and publish your details in directories which may contain information about the centre;
  6. Provide or arrange prizes, remuneration and awards;
  7. Contact you about your ILM studying membership;
  8. Challenge Consulting undertakes that it and its staff will take every reasonable step possible to protect the confidentiality and security of all material it receives to carry out its various responsibilities.